Hear the World

Ambyence is a collection of live streaming microphones from around the world. Many of these are run by universities, but others are businesses or personal residences.

Along with a connection to the live audio, each location displays local time and weather as well as with a brief description of the environment. Satellite images from Google Maps show the general location from above.


This is a personal project built out of a love for sound. There are other great projects providing live audio while also offering education and resources. These projects have the backing of academia, environmental organizations and art collectives. I am standing on their shoulders and I am grateful, not only to them, but to the many institutions and individuals offering these streams to the public.

Many of the links can be found at Locusonus, who provide hosting as well as education to people who would like to run their own stream.

Some of these the same links are used by soundtent.org as part of the Reveil Project, a live broadcast of the dawn chorus as it travels around the world.

I built this site because I wanted a mobile friendly, content managed, website that had information relevant to the locations, like local time and weather.

If the owner of a stream would like to be removed from this site please write me and I will take it down. It is not my intention to divert any traffic from already existing projects

The information included in with each stream is taken from public sources. If you would like it updated or removed please contact me.

If you have a stream you would like to add please contact me and I will include it.


Why is the play button greyed out?

Not all locations transmit 24 hours a day or 7 days a week. If the play icon is greyed out the audio stream is not currently available. Check back at different times of the day.

Streams are checked once an hour and if there is no response the page is removed from the menu.

What kind of sounds should I expect to hear?

Depending on the location you will hear wind, rain, wildlife, traffic, airplanes, etc. Dusk and dawn tend to have the most bird activity.